Monday, January 18, 2016


I have had this water multiple times now and it is pretty unique in the bubble as well as flavor. This is a very high TDS water in particular Soduim & Hydrogen Carbonate, sodium does give the water something as does Apolinaris, not sure about the Hydrogen Carbonate. I feel that due to the high TDS you are left with a fairly effervescence bubble that should be drank in one sitting. Since this is readdily avaible to me now I might stock up.

Pedras Analysis:

6.1ph factor

Friday, January 15, 2016


This is the first German water I have seen in the states other than Gerolsteiner in a long time. The water has a soft bubble and to me reminiscent to Badiot. It is a high mineral content water with low sodium. I would probably like it better in glass but not sure I can find it here, here is what the company says about it's 2:1 ratio: For me its good but not great, and needs a bit more carbonation.

Rosbacher contains calcium (2 parts) and magnesium (1 part) in a ratio ideal for the intake of these minerals. Consumed jointly and regularly, they positively influence the performance and the ability for regeneration.
This is particularly relevant for active people. With every drop of sweat, the human body loses minerals, among them calcium and magnesium in a 2:1 ratio. Rosbacher is provided with these minerals in an ideal 2:1 ratio by nature and therefore quickly compensates the loss of these minerals.
sodium= 20mg
calcium= 4%
magnesium= 6%

Monday, January 5, 2015


Like most water from Romania this water is excellent and naturally carbonated but has a light effervescence, and low mineral content. Only 2% calcium and 15mg of sodium. This water is light and crisp.

Monday, September 9, 2013


This water has the characteristics of most of the greek water I have had. This one though has a lot less Co2. Still this water has a real clean taste and finish and has low TDS. Perfect for someone who does not like a hard water.

Aqua Rimini

Lots of carbonation (natural w/ natural added) very champagne like, a touch of sodium 10mg or 1% DV  with 4% DV of Ca. TDS 560 mg/L, Waiting for more info from the source. Don't think I will find this much since there is no info anywhere about it. I love the art deco label.

Aqua Sara

This water is fantastic. Very high TDS hence the light effervescence. One of the cleanest tasting water I have had. This bottle is 90% of your DV of Ca. This is a great water for people who don’t like classic or bold effervescent waters. Another great water from Romania



i'm on the fence about this one, first I hate plastic bottles, they definitely change the flavor of the water.
Mine as a weird smell to it, I can't place what it is. The water has a high sodium count, making it reminiscent of Apollinaris.
This water is very interesting with it’s high Na content making the water sweet yet very salty. I have had it a couple of times now and there is still a strange after taste that I get every time, even when the water is aerated and in a glass for a while. The only way I can describe it is plastic(y)